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ONE specializes in:

Corporate Collaboration

This innovative software integrates and automates communication processes, which translates to great user efficiency and productivity.

Human Resource Management

This system is capable of integrating and automating each aspect of your HRM process into concise, measurable and comprehensible information.

Compliance Management

If you need to create a compliance measure, our unique software can automate and integrate the entire tracking process all the way through to completion and surveillance.

Reporting Management

This system can generate detailed reports that will portray manageable and legible dashboards for your users.

Project Management

With our Project Management Software, we automate and integrate the entire project process.

And many more software solutions for your business.



About  ONE Business Systems 

ONE Business Systems is an innovative, cost-effective alternative to the traditional, custom software development company and marketing service agency. From improving profitability to finding the right technology solution for there clients. ONE is dedicated to improving services and fulfilling the goals of there clients in the fields of technology and business.

The mission of  ONE Business Systems is to provide the highest quality web technology and marketing services available to automate, integrate and market its clients’ organizations, therefore delivering positive and valuable results.

The values that guide ONE’s service commitment, decision making and employee expectations are:

QUALITY– superior performance, customer care, and customer service

INTEGRITY – steadfast adherence to ethical operations, trustworthiness and best practices

INNOVATION– constant improvement and new dimensions of performance

RELATIONSHIPS – truly connecting with clients, professionals, and employees in a meaningful way

RESPONSIVENESS – reacting quickly to people or events, and continually evolving

EFFICIENCY – minimizing the time, energy and resources expended to accomplish objectives

RESULTS – providing effective technology and marketing services that can create positive results and achieve the goals and objectives of our clients

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